EMCOT’s (Electronic Manufacturing Company of Texas) mission is to design and produce exceptional products with reliability, serviceability and robust packaging to withstand a wide variety of harsh environments. This level of design and manufacturing quality produces longer mean time before failure performances which result in savings oriented around labor and product replacement costs. 

The bottom line is reliability the client’s trust.  These values allow your critical safety and production equipment to function at the highest level for the longest period of time possible. 

EMCOT’s team of engineers, production management, quality staff and assembly members have over 125 years of combined experience.  The team’s experience allows for a quicker ramp up to full production and insures that the built-in quality policy of the company is met by each individual responsible for their production area. We deliver a level of design, manufacturing and testing services that exceed your highest quality expectations.

EMCOT offers inventory management systems that allow for rapid delivery at a contracted price for your specific electronic control system.   

                                        Contact Steve Spaw – VP for additional information. 713-937-4553

Our Houston, TX location facilitates personal meetings, takes advantage of the electronic manufacturing infrastructure in the area and allows for expedited deliveries throughout the country.

In addition to our core control products; EMCOT has experience in:

  • BOP Controls
  • Battery packaging and charging/conditioning systems
  • Control systems to withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration 
  • Green energy production and distribution controls
  • Developing customized electronic control and telemetry systems that meet the changing demands of the marketplace.


Delivering excellence in the electronic controls marketplace.